Project Description


Hamlet Street, Cheltenham
City of Bayside


The owner inspired by the bare bones of the former Button Factory, which dates back to 1950, comprises of two levels of factory and warehouse space.  The factory is located in a commercial zone of Cheltenham, close to public transport and central to the growth area of Bay Road.

The new owner envisages a dynamic and flexible space that will provide social spaces, encourage local artisans of bespoke trades and a vibrant hub to celebrate local industry.

Rather than erase the history of the building, the proposal aims to highlight the architectural language of the period; saw-tooth trusses, clerestory windows, even the green paint.

  • Function Spaces
  • Café Space
  • Workshops – the three workshops and display area will be directed to bespoke tradespeople, as a community workshop space, open to view.


  • Design Development

  • Town Planning Documentation

  • Construction Documentation