If you are planning a new build or simply modify the present one, should you hire an architect to design your project or should you work with a building designer? Let us look at both sides for you to help you decide.

Both architects and building designers are employed to design buildings.

Architects are required to study for 4 years, in addition to articles for registration to the requisite state architecture board. Building Designers study for 3 years and register as a ‘Architectural Draftsperson’ with the relevant State Building Registration Board. Both professions are required to relevant insurances to practice.

Which one is Better – an Architect or a Building Designer?

There is no right answer to this one – both architect and building designers are capable of providing the same services. With the development of technology, the computerised architectural programs such as ArchiCAD & Revit, Draftspeople have been able to expand their imaginations to design.  Your only considerations should be the expertise of the individual designer, and whether you like their designs.

Choosing an Architect or Building Designer

When choosing the right designer for your project, it’s best that you consider both architects and building designers as professionally equal. Speak to them separately, discussing your requirements for the project. You will know a lot about their level of expertise from the answers they give to you.

To ensure you are making an informed decision, ask the designer or architect about their professional development programme and associations / memberships. It is important that the professional you choose is up to date with building technologies and products.  

Equally or more important is to look for a professional you think you can easily get along with – especially because this individual will play a significant role in overseeing the construction of your build. You’ll be working with them for quite some time!

Whether you’re planning your dream cafe, or considering an addition to your business premises, XtheT can help you build that special place. For more information about how we can assist you please get in touch.