All of our building design services can be provided on its own or as part of an overall design package.

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Design relies on getting to know you, what you’re trying to achieve and then seeing if it’s possible.  Consideration of site zoning, budget and build-ability is discussed to avoid disappointment later.

It’s a collaborative effort, working the design brief so there is a clear understanding of your expectations and a road map for DPD to achieve them.

Design Services include:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Site Measure and Preparation of Existing Conditions
  • Concept Design
  • Interior Design
  • 3d Modelling

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  • Town Planning Drawing Documentation
  • Planning Reports for both Residential and Commercial projects
  • Planning Amendments
  • STORM Reports
  • BESS Reports
  • Vic Smart Applications
  • Car Parking Waivers
  • Town Planning Application Management and Administration
  • Liquor Licence Applications
  • Footpath Trading Applications

We also work with a range of consultants, coordinating their services to meet in Planning application requests.

  • Landscape Designers
  • Waste Management Consultants
  • Traffic Engineers

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  • Contract Drawings
  • Construction (Working) Drawings
  • Report & Consents
  • Building Modifications
  • Specifications
  • Internal Details, Specifications and Schedules
  • Tender Management
  • Contract Administration

We also work with a range of consultants, coordinating their services to meet the requirements for a successful issue of a Building Permit.

  • Accessibility Consultants
  • Section J Reports
  • Energy Rating Assessors
  • Geotech Engineers
  • Fire Engineers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Services Engineers

Let us help and let you get on with what you do!

Christina Zigouras came up with a visually exciting design for our Community Centre foyer renovation.

Max Sargent | Office Coordinator Jika Jika Community Centre, Northcote

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Frequently asked questions

A building designer designs buildings:

  • Renovations, additions or newly built
  • Residential, commercial or industrial

DPD documents all aspects of the building design and construction with comprehensive drawings. We liaise with the many consultants involved and look after everything – right up to the builder collecting approved drawings from the Building Certifier.

We design to ensure your building is comfortable, well laid out, energy efficient, and matching your brief. This includes ensuring we have met your needs, budget, site conditions, and resale and maintenance expectations.

DPD provides you with assistance every step of the way. Our services go beyond building design. With a background in Business Management & Finance, Christina’s professional approach to clients and stakeholders encourages an atmosphere where the design is balanced with budgetary expectations.

The DPD client experience commences with an onsite consultation where requirements and budgets are discussed and suitability of building and construction techniques are explored.

Utilising years of experience, DPD can help you communicate with and present documentation to authorities in order to streamline the process as much as possible, hence creating a win-win situation for all stakeholders involved.

Both Building Designers and Architects provide similar services in general. Building Designers are known for practical and innovative solutions, and generally have a better working relationship with builders, as they are ‘closer to the ground’. Building Designers’ fees are generally charged for drawing documentation sets and not a percentage of build.

Some clients describe the difference as “building designers work with their clients not against them”.

DPD provides experience and personalisation for all applications with local Council. We are highly experienced with co-ordinating clients’ Development Applications and Pre-application discussions.

Where you might require something a little different, we have the experience to assist you. We demonstrate to Council why your idea works and is the best solution for your situation, particular needs and requirements.

Christina Zigouras went above and beyond. She made the whole process easy in a stressful time. We highly recommend DPD!

Andrea, Docklands

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