Building Permits and Change of Use

Particularly for commercial clients, a Building’s Use can be confusing.  You find the perfect site or building to operate your new venture from, only to realise that it has been permitted for a use that is not what you had in mind. Planning Use Here lies the confusion for many.  [...]

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Building Confidence

The building and construction industry has been in the news frequently over recent times for shoddy workmanship, leaks, cracks, and illegal cladding to name just a few exposés. The construction industry is a mainstay of our economy, the fourth biggest employer[1] in our state alone and a temperature gauge on [...]

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Avoiding Regulation nightmares

Establishing a business from scratch or taking over a new premises is a daunting process.  All keen with energy, and dreams of starting up your own business can be quickly extinguished when presented with the many steps needed to be taken. AS1428 Compliance Footpath Trading Liquor [...]

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Sustainable Building Design can save the world

The interest and awareness in sustainable design has grown tremendously over the last decade. People are familiar with the language that is used to describe a sustainable build; its efficiency, embodied energy, and footprint. It is now widely understood that a environmentally sustainable design is about creating a building that [...]

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How to choose the right building designer

If you are planning a new build or simply modify the present one, should you hire an architect to design your project or should you work with a building designer? Let us look at both sides for you to help you decide. Both architects and building designers are employed to [...]

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